Bluechip Aviator

New gambling entertainment for members

A new exciting slot machine came to the casino, which very quickly was able to get high ratings from users around the world. Bluechip aviator is an extremely simplified analog of a video game with a dynamic, exciting storyline. She has a very simple algorithm, which is based on intuitive assumptions and a good response from the player. The main intrigue of the game is waiting for the right moment for the player to credit the maximum possible amount of winnings. The game lasts for a limited period, during which the player, demonstrating endurance and patience, has the opportunity to wait for the accumulation of a decent amount to take it with one click of the mouse. If he does not have time to do this on time, then the bet will lose.

Inspired and enthusiastic players have come across a new way to try their luck, which captivates with simple but interesting design and captivating intrigue of the game.

Basic rules for playing Blue chip aviator

The main advantage of the Blue chip aviator game lies in the simple rules and exciting storyline. Some players spend hours on their phones playing Bluechip aviator app. The mobile app is perfect for this.

Make a bet and don't miss the moment to get a win

Aviator games can be played in manual and automatic betting modes. The manual mode provides that the player independently chooses the amount of the bet and stops the game at the right time. The bet is made during the break between rounds. When everything is ready to start, you need to click on the "Bet" button and wait for the start of the round, that is, the appearance of the aircraft on the monitor screen.

There are two equivalent sections for bets in this game, in which they can be made in manual and automatic mode.

While the plane is taking off and is in the player's field of vision, a continuously growing win rate is generated on the screen. The longer the plane flies, the higher the coefficient, which means that the amount of winnings also grows. You can click on the "Cash out" button and take the winnings only during the period until the plane suddenly disappeared from the monitor. As soon as the plane makes a dash and flies away, the progression in the growth of the coefficient stops, which means that for the player it turns into zero. Pressing the "Cash out" button after the occurrence of this event will be a signal that the bet has not been played.

The winning amount is calculated as the product of the bet amount and the coefficient value at the moment the game stop button is pressed.

Leave bid management to artificial intelligence

On the betting control panel, you can turn on the automatic game mode by clicking on the "Auto" button. In the options of this mode, it is possible to set a limit to which the game balance is allowed to decrease. In this case, the game will be stopped at the right time. Similarly, you can enable automatic stop when the required amount is reached.

You can also choose the odds value at which the bet will automatically close. Of course, this will happen only in those cases when the aircraft does not fly away before the coefficient reaches the set value. In the same way, you can set the number of won bets, after which the game will be stopped.

Blue chip aviator game statistics

The game provides the ability to track all bets made by Blue chip aviator players over the past round. To do this, there is a "Live betting" panel, which is located on the left side of the desktop version of the game under the betting panel in the application for mobile phones and tablets. Similarly, information about personal bets and their status is displayed.

In a separate panel called "Top", you can see the performance of the best players. Here is the data on the winning amounts and the multipliers at which they were mined.

Free spins in the game Aviator

For certain achievements in the game, the provider may reward players with free bets. The presence of a free bet is displayed in the "Game" menu section.

Fairness of the game

The game algorithm works on the principle of a random number generator, which in each round generates an arbitrary value of the win multiplier. This approach, built on the principle of randomization, is absolutely honest.

The player has the opportunity to check the fairness of each played round. To do this, in the "My bets" tab, click on the icon located next to the result of the round.

Can you always win at Aviator?

Of course, there is no universal method by which one could constantly win. No player can say with complete certainty at what value of the multiplier a particular round of the game will end. Therefore, it is recommended to use bonuses and other gifts from the casino as often as possible, which allow you to play the game at the expense of the house and without risking your own money.

And the second tip: stick to a well-planned game budget. Excessive passion for excitement and uncontrolled emotions can devastate the game balance. It is important to make bets that are commensurate with the budget, and spend no more on the game than is realistically acceptable for the client.

Useful tips to help you play aviator

When starting to play, it is important not to forget that in any case, the casino is always in a better position than the player. There is no one hundred percent way to win. And this means that you should not rely on magic.

But some tips may come in handy, as experienced players have already paid attention to some features of the aviator game:

Balance Operations at Bluechip Casino for Indian Players

Players from India who want to start betting with real money can use several options for replenishing their game balance and withdrawing funds. Transactions can be made through official payment systems and international bank cards. Money transfer processes are safe, and the terms of their implementation are minimal.

The table below shows the main methods of depositing funds to a gaming account that can be used in India.

Deposit methods (payment systems and credit cards)

Minimum deposit amount (INR)















To start the procedure for replenishing the balance, just click on the "Deposit" button, which is located at the top of the site page. You will need to specify the amount and select the method of replenishment. After clicking on the "Top up" button, you will be redirected to the site of the selected payment system. In the future, the client must follow simple prompts that will be generated by the payment system to confirm the transaction. Upon successful replenishment of the account, immediately after the completion of the above actions, the transferred amount should appear on the player's account. If any difficulties or problems arise during the deposit, you should immediately contact the casino support service.

To withdraw funds from the Bluechip gaming portal to payment systems and bank cards, it will be useful to read the information given in the table below.

Output method

Minimum Amount (INR)









The withdrawal procedure is not particularly difficult. Being in his profile, the player just needs to click on the "Withdraw" button, then enter the required amount and specify the payment system for withdrawal.

Blue chip aviator game will not be left without fans

What is the secret behind the popularity of the Blue chip aviator? It is fundamentally different from the well-known games that most players are used to. The original plot attracts gamblers with its unpredictability, based on which there is an additional intrigue with the continuous increase in the value of the winning coefficient.

Not the last role is played by the opportunity to hit a decent jackpot. Of course, this is not a jackpot, but given the fact that in some cases the bet multiplier reaches values of several hundred, the game turns out to be quite profitable.

An additional advantage of the blue chip aviator is honesty towards the players, which you can see for yourself. Thus, the game inspires a high level of trust.

And finally, playing Aviator at bluechip casino means trusting a reliable gaming project that provides all the necessary conditions for safe gambling.

Short FAQ on the game Bluechip aviator

Is it possible to check the fairness of all played rounds in Bluechip aviator?

Since the game belongs to Provably Fair, each round can be checked for fairness. To do this, just find this function in the "My bets" tab.

Are there any winning techniques in aviator?

There is no exact method to win the game. Experienced players have developed several strategies that, in their opinion, allow you to achieve tangible success. But mostly it is built on all sorts of intuitive assumptions that cannot be confirmed scientifically. Do not forget that chance always dominates in casino games.

Nevertheless, we will briefly talk about a simple technique that involves minimal risk of losing. The game is played very carefully on two stakes. The first one is done with an auto-cashout when the multiplier value reaches 1.2, and the second one is formed manually and played with a moderate degree of risk. This means that the game is stopped at a multiplier of no more than 1.6 - 1.7.

The most rational approach would be a well-thought-out game budget and a cold mind of the player, which helps to adequately and promptly respond to the current situation.

How long will it take for money from the casino balance to be credited to a bank card?

The official withdrawal period can be up to three days, but it takes much less time. It is worth noting that the withdrawal of funds is available only to those players who have verified their data by providing the administration with scanned copies of the relevant documents.

Can I play Aviator without making a deposit?

Not only Bluechip aviator but also other games can be played without replenishing the game balance. To do this, just use the demo mode of the game. The client receives a certain amount in virtual currency for bets. The training mode is extremely useful for those who want to master a new game and learn all its subtleties and tricks. It is also convenient for game lovers who are not yet ready for a full-fledged game for real money but use casino games for entertainment, as an analog of regular ones.